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A Bit About Us

Our Roots

Founded in 2022, Phases Family Support is guided by our core values: integrity, community, humility, empathy and love.  We assist and provide support to local economically challenged or less fortunate individuals and families. 

Our Mission: Lovingly supporting individuals and families through all of life's phases.

Our Wings

With the help of donations, we continue to flourish and spread love throughout the state of Minnesota.  We continue to advocate and serve to build and sustain strong communities.  Life is complicated, messy and sometimes unexpectedly harsh.  Let us walk side by side to pave a path away from the rocky roads of life.

Our Vision:  A community where no one feels like they are alone in any phase of their life.

As a registered 501(c)(3), EIN 88-0739031, 100% of proceeds from donations go directly to helping meet the immediate needs in our community and surrounding area.

We celebrate the differences in our human experience.  All races, ethnicities, ages, genders, socioeconomic statuses, spiritualities and viewpoints will find us with open arms.

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