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Eclipse Packs

Phases Family Support's Eclipse Pack Program provides free boxes of nonperishable food, toiletries, household and hygiene products, gas cards or bus passes and more to Central Minnesota families who have been nominated to receive a little extra help. We will surprise the chosen families by dropping off the Eclipse Pack at their homes. Life is complicated, messy and sometimes unexpectedly harsh. At Phases Family Support, we want to help Central Minnesota families as much as we can.  Our goal with this program is that these packs will help ease the burden a little, as well as boost the spirits of those who are struggling.  We love the nomination aspect because it helps build a sense of community and togetherness and we love people helping people.  Also, there are so many people who could really use some help, but for a multitude of reasons, just won’t ask for it.  This program really helps us live out our vision A community where no one feels like they are alone in any phase of their life. 

To nominate someone, simply fill out the form below.


Phases Family Support is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all food and funding comes from donations from individuals, businesses and foundations.



*Limit one per family per year. Cannot nominate yourself. Recipients will be chosen based on individual circumstances and availability. Not a government run program and no financial information will be required.

Nominate a Family Today!

Nominate a Family

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